Same But Different: Balloons Around the World

At Project Bly, we’ve explored the alleyways of cities around the world, from Asia to Africa and everywhere in between. We’ve sampled  grasshoppers in Mexico, horse sausage in Uzbekistan, learned about politics through street art in Bolivia and Poland, marveled at how lacquer is made in Japan and brass is cast in Ghana, and sat down for countless cups of tea with people across the world to hear their stories.

What all of this has taught us, is that as diverse cultures are across the world, they’re also the same. We take pleasure in celebrating the uniqueness of each place we visit, but we also love the similarities we find across cultures. In this series, Same but Different, we give you a glimpse into our connected world through Project Bly’s lens.

Balloon Sellers from Mumbai to Mexico.

Balloon Vendor in Mumbai

A Balloon Vendor in Mumbai, Photography by Shriti Bannerjee for Project Bly.

Kids everywhere love balloons! This balloon vendor was photographed near Bhendi Bazaar in South Mumbai, India.


Balloon vendors in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photography by Marcela Taboada for Project Bly.

The zócalo (main square) is the heart of  Oaxaca, and is where locals and tourists gather in the evenings and weekends to play and people watch.

Project Bly is a website built on the philosophy that to know a city, one must wander its streets.

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